Augusti: eGovernment

Datum: 24 augusti kl 15:00 – 17:00
Lokal: Aula NOD, Institutionen för data- och systemvetenskap, Borgarfjordsgatan 12, Kista
Presentatör: Gustaf Juell Skielse & Somya Joshi

We will present a two-hour seminar on the highlights of our eGovernance related research work. The talks will last one hour with opportunities for questions and discussion. This will be followed by a more hands-on workshop – demonstrating the design thinking approach to our work.

Open digital innovation: A contest driven approach

Innovation is about coming up with new ideas, developing new products and processes, and implementing new solutions in the social and economic life of people. An increasingly popular approach for managing innovation is the open innovation contest. Innovation contests add an element of competition to the innovation process by letting several participants challenge each other to come up with the best contributions. And, more importantly, open innovation contests constitute an open process, in which an organization enables people outside it to contribute to its innovation.  Gustaf Juell-Skielse will give a short presentation on how to manage open innovation using a contest driven approach. The approach is the subject of a forthcoming book published by Springer.

Crowd-sourcing Governance: A grassroots and anticipatory lens

Citizen science enabled by Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) is on the increase. Proceeding from data sharing to knowledge sharing, citizens can take on new roles in environmental monitoring, decision making, co-operative planning, and environmental stewardship. And yet we are facing problems with the uptake and sustained engagement by citizens, limited scalability, unclear long-term sustainability and limited actual impact on governance processes. Gaining the envisaged societal impacts in terms of changing relations between citizens and decision makers cannot be achieved by technology alone. We need to go beyond data collection and simple visualisation. Somya Joshi will give a short presentation on the role and scope of anticipatory, crowd-sourced governance by drawing on current projects and research being conducted at eGovlab.

Co-Creation Workshop: Reimagining e-Governance in the age of Big Open Linked Data


Intressanta artiklar om IT och demokrati av Tomas Ohlin, tidigare forskare vid DSV

Närdemokrati i dataåldern”, Tomas Ohlin, 8 aug 1971

The power of local information”, Tomas Ohlin, 1 sept 1978

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